Board Materials

In addition to length, surfboards have all kinds of different curves and thicknesses. Surfboards are also made of different materials. The most common boards are made with some type of foam core, coated in layers of fiberglass and resin. They vary in durability based on the materials used. Some boards are made entirely of foam, which makes them soft on the outside and more forgivable if they hit you. These are frequently referred to as soft-tops or foamies. These can be great starter boards because they come in all shapes and sizes, don’t require wax, are pretty forgivable, and easy on the wallet.

Find a Board

As you get going, you’ll start to notice differences on your own while experimenting with different boards. Don’t worry too much about getting the newest, most technical board. There are plenty of good used boards to find on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace that won’t break the bank and give you something great to learn on. A lot of surfshops even carry a rack of used boards inside the store for a whole lot cheaper than a brand new one. New boards can cost anywhere from $500-$1500 and used ones are usually below $300, depending on their condition. It’s tempting to get all the newest, most impressive gear, which there’s nothing wrong with, but you can save quite a bit money if you want to. Also, a lot of the newest, most expensive boards that you see professional’s riding are not beginner friendly whatsoever.